Chairman's Message About the Company:
The idea of ​​dry ports has gone through stages:
First: It started as a back (back area) of the sea port in order to alleviate the congestion problems at the port.
Second: Developing the idea of ​​establishing customs warehouses (inside the country) to facilitate customs procedures and easing on importers and exporters. These warehouses were mainly linked to industrial areas.
Third: the establishment of the dry port as a final destination for the goods "Final Destination" "to complete the full components of the dry port according to this concept.
The efforts and coordination between the Ministry of Transport represented by the General Authority of Land and Dry Ports and the Ministry of Finance represented by the Customs Authority to prepare the required amendment to the Customs Law to coincide with the requirements of the establishment and procedures of these ports.
Fourth: The company works in the fourth stage of development on the idea that ports have become part of the series of logistics services, which include any activity or service that contribute to the ease of movement of goods or individuals or information or services in order to contribute effectively to achieve the objectives of the State Plan for the comprehensive development of Egyptian society, The company's objectives in accordance with its founding agreement include - not only the establishment and management of dry ports and logistics areas -
But also include: -
1. Construction of infrastructure and administrative buildings and factories.
2. Construction of container terminals and silos.
3. Construction of warehouses and refrigerators of all kinds and marketing.
4. Establishing and managing natural gas receiving stations or preparing them for distribution or extending gas networks from the production sites to the sites of use by specialized tankers or pipes (not including oil transportation).
5. Design, construction, management, operation and maintenance of power plants and distribution networks to different sources (fuel - solar - wind - vital).
6. Collection of garbage and waste production and service activities and the establishment and operation of a plant for processing and recycling.
7. Establishing, managing, exploiting and maintaining highways, freeways, and main roads.
8. Development and construction of roads leading to dry ports and logistics areas.
9. Lease and grant the right to use the specialized land for ports and logistics areas after the approval of the General Authority of Land and Dry Ports.
10. Marketing and promotion of port and land activities for dry ports and logistics areas.
11. Freight and unloading operations in dry ports and logistics areas.
12. Supplying all equipment and equipment necessary for the operation of ports and logistics areas.
13. operation and maintenance of all ports components and all that is necessary to maintain a good stable port condition.
14. Collective transport within and to and to ports, logistics areas and any other areas within the limits set by the State agencies for the purpose of organizing such transport
15. Transfer of all types of goods to ensure the preservation during transport from and to ports, taking into account all laws and regulations in force and decisions and the company to obtain all the necessary licenses to operate.
16. Establishment, operation and maintenance of advanced electronic networks and modern monitoring systems for ports and logistics centers.
17. The establishment, operation, management and maintenance of networks, sanitary or industrial sewage networks, networks, connections and treatment plants.
The first general assembly of the company was inaugurated on June 20, 2017, under the chairmanship of His Excellency Dr. Hisham Arafat, Minister of Transport, to become the pioneer in its field thanks to close cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, The Minister of Transport and his keenness on the success of this strong project, as evidenced by the initiative of many of the owners of experience, investors and businessmen to contact the company to view their projects.
We ask God Almighty to help us to be the masons of a modern Egypt strong with its wealth and dear to its sons



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